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We host service providers ranging from students learning and starting their career, up to educators flourishing with knowledge. We request that all new guests reserve a consultation to go over pricing, length of time, maintenance schedule, and products needed for service. 

We offer jasmine tea, sparkling water, filtered water, yummy snacks, mints, phone chargers, cozy blankets, soft slippers, a variety of beautification treatments, and more to our guests.

Read on to see what else we have included in your experience!

All services are booked AFTER a consultation is reserved. This way you have any and all questions answered before booking.

All services have a form breaking down details so that there is no confusion on what to expect.


Our intro artists are still spreading their wings. So their services are "a-la-carte". Meaning they can do individual services. Our Specialists and Mentor artists offer services in "sessions". Meaning every bit of our luxury goes into them. They include education, mini treatments, cuts if necessary, etc. Please view booking options below and don't be afraid to call us if you have any questions.

hair maintenance scheduling

Most Colors: We recommend coming in for a complete restore in 6-8 weeks

Lightened Hair: Needs to be maintained with a complete restore in 8-10 weeks

Haircuts: Need to be touched up with a renewal every 4-6 weeks

Extensions: Need to be maintained anywhere between 3 and 8 weeks *up to stylist discretion for type needed*

Fashion Colors: Need to be touched up with a transformational every 10 weeks or a renewal in 2-4 weeks

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Calls will be returned within 48 hours of voicemail received. Please refer to our IG account for faster response time.

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