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    salon hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 12 pm - 5 pm 9:30 am - 5 pm 9:30 am - 9 pm 9:30 am - 9 pm 9:30 am - 9 pm 8 am- 8 pm Closed We offer appointment based services; no walk ins are available at this time. take an online consultation Please note: This online consult should only be completed by those who live more than 30miles away from Ema Rose Hair. If you live within 30miles, please book an In-Person Consult. Which service(s) are you interested in? Cut All Over Color Bold Fashion Color Ombre Balayage Hilight Specialty Hilight Root Touch Up Gray Root Touch Up Gloss Color Correction Extensions Conditioning Treatment Relaxing Treatment Styling Bridal Hair Other What is your current hair length? Pick one arrow&v How would you describe the density of your hair? Pick one arrow&v How would you describe the thickness of one strand of your hair? Pick one arrow&v What is your current natural hair color? Pick one arrow&v How gray is your hair? Pick one arrow&v How would you describe the condition of your hair? Virgin Normal & Healthy Oily Oily Roots & Dry Ends Dry Limp Thinning Heavy Some Breakage Damaged Frizzy Postpartum Post-chemo Is your hair damaged by bleach, heat, or other chemical services? Pick one arrow&v What is your day-to-day hair routine?here How often do you wash your hair? Pick one arrow&v Do you have any known allergies to hair/beauty products, including hair color? If yes, please let me know no matter how insignificant it may seem. Do you have any history of or currently have any skin/scalp conditions or sensitivities? Pick one arrow&v Are you currently taking any medications or undergoing any treatments that could have negative effects on your hair/skin? Pick one arrow&v How recent was your last color service? Pick one arrow&v What is your hair’s chemical history over the last 3 years? What does your hair look like now? Please send clear photos (taken in natural sunlight) of the front, back, sides, and top of your hair. Include close ups of problem areas such as breakage or lines of demarcation. Sending blurry and/or low light photos will only result in a request for better images. Upload Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Are there any issues that need to be specifically addressed? Describe your ideal hair to me. Show me your hair inspiration. Goal photos should show an image of someone with a natural base similar to yours (unless pure platinum is desired) Upload Upload supported file (Max 15MB) To achieve your goal, are you interested in sessions or one transformative appointment? Pick one arrow&v How often can you visit the salon to maintain your style? Pick one arrow&v What role does budget play in choice of services and frequency of visit? Pick one arrow&v Why did you leave/not return to your previous stylist? Anything else I should know? How did you hear about Ema Rose Hair? Send! Thank you! We'll be in touch soon. If you would like to reserve an in person consultation, please visit our booking page. All consultation prices do go towards your service. ​ *we do reserve the right to not book. The appropriate stylist will contact you shortly.* Online Consult

  • About | Ema Rose Hair

    let's spread some beauty into this world, from the inside out. "Where do I even begin....Ema is an amazing stylist and person. She has so much experience and make you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. From hair transformations to simple cuts she is your girl. She will help you find the best cut for your face and lifestyle. Ema is constantly taking her hair education further to bring new and exciting treatments to Alaska." The Experience 02 get cozy and relax Slip into some of our cozy slippers, and take a seat on our couch. You will be offered something to drink, then you will be taken to your stylist. While you wait, you can watch the team fulfilling hair dreams. 04 leave feeling beautiful After your service, you'll leave with the best products available to keep your hair looking perfect at home. 01 leave the world behind When you walk into Ema Rose Hair, you will be greeted by the friendly staff. Slip off your shoes, and place your things into a basket. We will put these close to you, but want the world to be left at the door. 03 massage and treat After you sit back into the chair, your stylist will give you a neck and shoulder beautification treatment. This gesture promotes relaxation, to help you settle into your "me time". We gift head massages at the bowl with a wash, and a hand and arm beautification treatment during a deep condition. Call Us + Experience Ema Rose Hair OUR STORY GOES BACK TO GOD GOD IS WITHIN HER, SHE WILL NOT FALL | PSALM 46:5 OUR MISSION Our mission is to love on each person that walks in our door. We want to serve you, wash the world off of you when you enter into the salon, then let you leave feeling fulfilled and nourished. OUR VALUES We believe that every person is made as royalty, and we try to remind each guest of this at every experience. Our language is love, and we want everyone to leave feeling loved and nourished. the story behind the tigress “I chose it because it represents power. Tigresses typically roam alone, but are respected. They’re beautiful but ready to get their hands dirty. They’re hard working, the best mothers, loving to their packs, authentic in who they are.... but get things done. They also know when to rest, and love themselves.” - @emaroseak​​​​​​​​ Our Team Tharren Ashlyn Kimi Katie Sami IMG_1710.jpg FOLLOW OUR TIGRESS PACK

  • MIND.BODY.BEAUTY. | Ema Rose Hair

    mind. body. beauty. BEAUTY PROS, GET READY FOR THIS! when: July 25-28 2023 what: a weekend retreat for beauty professionals where: Meier Lake in Wasilla, AK ​ limited space is available, reserve promptly ​ MAINSTAY V.I.P. situated at the picturesque Meier Lake Resort in Wasilla, Alaska is MIND.BODY.BEAUTY- a weekend retreat, exclusively for beauty professionals. Join us this July for a beautiful weekend full of networking, education, relaxation, adventure, wining and dining, pampering, and so much more. This is for all who serve others on the daily and need to serve themselves, too. The first event of it's kind for ALASKA. what's on the itinerary? Enjoy a variety of events as part of our long weekend of growth, relaxation, and enjoying ourselves! ​ Networking Meet with other beauty pros & make new acquaintances. Uniting the beauty industry for a common goal. Movement Get intentional movement in for your health. Kayaking, paddleboarding, yoga, hiking are just some of your options! Nourishment Beverages and meals from local chefs and servers. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included with your ticket. Devotionals Take some time to strengthen your faith in God. Connect with your beliefs. Renew and recenter during our sound bath activity. Keynote Speakers Industry leaders will share their knowledge on marketing, business, leadership, salon culture, healing from trauma, and more! with Q&A ​ Celebrate Evenings for fun, if you wish to join. A band will perform Sunday night for us to celebrate ourselves and each other! sit with us you can package options for $3000 or $2500 FRIDAY- MONDAY only 8 available private cabin lodging - keynote presentations from beauty business educators - champagne dinner Friday - s'mores night Saturday - club night Sunday - meals & drinks - yoga session - watersports access - networking - complimentary 30 minute massage or reiki - vendor market for in-salon finds - sauna VIP bonuses: yoga, sound bath, headshots, massages en suite, marketing class, salon culture class & so much more! v.i.p. MAINSTAY Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours. for $1850 SATURDAY- MONDAY only 16 available group stay style lodging (4 people per cabin) - keynote presentations from beauty business educators - s'mores night Saturday - club night Sunday - meals & drinks - yoga session - watersports access - swag bag - networking - complimentary 30 minute massage or reiki - vendor market for in-salon finds - sauna & so much more! Tickets are now available to purchase! Please fill out the form below to pre-register, & use the links below to lock in your pass! book V.I.P. book mainstay Package payments available. lodging We have an array of options at Meier Lake Resort for rest and renewal. Choose from a private cabin or a multi occupant cabin. The grounds are complete with bathhouse and sauna to cleanse and renew. Explore the scenic lake area with surrounding hiking trails and the glorious Hatcher Pass within driving distance. more info > dining Your reservation will include delicious and healthy meals crafted by local chefs to nourish your body and quench your hunger. Relax in the scenic dining hall overlooking the lake and mountainscape during our meals. PLEASE SUBMIT FORM IF YOU WISH TO JOIN IN, WE WILL REACH OUT SOON! Full Name Mainstay or V.I.P. Package? Phone Number Email Address? Do you have any allergies? Will you be participating in devotionals? Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Education | Ema Rose Hair

    ema rose hair academy become a hair stylist Apprenticeship Program for Students Learn More online trainings For Licensed Cosmetologists Visit us on Facebook! in-person trainings For Licensed Cosmetologists Sign Up become a hair stylist apprenticeship program for students Apprenticeship: 2,200hrs to complete Your Commitment: 20-30hrs / week Your Compensation: Minimum Wage how to apply: We'd love for you to join us! To apply, please bring your Resume to Ema Rose Hair. If you're a good fit, we'll contact you with further information. Apprenticeship

  • Services | Ema Rose Hair

    OUR SERVICES We host service providers ranging from students learning and starting their career, up to educators flourishing with knowledge. We request that all new guests reserve a consultation to go over pricing, length of time, maintenance schedule, and products needed for service. ​ ​ We offer jasmine tea, sparkling water, filtered water, yummy snacks, mints, phone chargers, cozy blankets, soft slippers, a variety of beautification treatments, and more to our guests. Read on to see what else we have included in your experience! ​ All services are booked AFTER a consultation is reserved. This way you have any and all questions answered before booking. ​ All services have a form breaking down details so that there is no confusion on what to expect. Our intro artists are still spreading their wings. So their services are "a-la-carte". Meaning they can do individual services. Our Specialists and Mentor artists offer services in "sessions". Meaning every bit of our luxury goes into them. They include education, mini treatments, cuts if necessary, etc. Please view booking options below and don't be afraid to call us if you have any questions. Ready to schedule? hair maintenance scheduling Most Colors: We recommend coming in for a complete restore in 6-8 weeks Lightened Hair: Needs to be maintained with a complete restore in 8-10 weeks Haircuts: Need to be touched up with a renewal every 4-6 weeks Extensions: Need to be maintained anywhere between 3 and 8 weeks *up to stylist discretion for type needed* Fashion Colors: Need to be touched up with a transformational every 10 weeks or a renewal in 2-4 weeks check out payment plans check out our work GUEST REVIEWS HAVE A QUESTION? Call Us! Calls will be returned within 48 hours of voicemail received. Please refer to our IG account for faster response time.

  • Salon | Ema Rose Hair | Wasilla, AK

    we’re truly loving all people through transformational experiences. See Our Services Coaching with Ema WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON GIVING THE BEST EDUCATION & TREATMENT TO YOU and our staff. WE ARE Real people providing services designed to remind you that you are worth it. our language is love we want everyone to leave feeling nourished #ChangeThe View SCHEDULE A STAY WITH US AND EXPERIENCE THE EMA ROSE TREATMENTS Book Here Our work by Ashlyn by Ema by Ashlyn by Ema By Sami ARE YOU A NEW GUEST? WE REQUEST CONSULTATIONS We want to sit with you and go over time frame, maintenance, products, and budgets. This way, we can be sure to meet your individual needs. We do understand that things change during an appointment, as we are working with biology, but we want to give the best quote as possible. This is also a great time to meet your new stylist, prior to the experience. Book a Consult Take an Online Consult GUEST REVIEWS OUR STORY GOES BACK TO GOD OUR MISSION Our mission is to love on each person that walks in our door. We believe that each and every person was made perfectly, so we have designed a space to remind me of how royal you are. We desire to wash the world off of you when you enter into the salon, remind you of how special you are, then let you leave feeling renewed and nourished. OUR VALUES We believe that every person is made as royalty, and we try to remind each guest of this at every experience. Our language is love, and we want everyone to leave feeling loved and nourished. No matter who you are, you love, what you look like, what you believe in..... this is a safe space. GOD IS WITHIN HER, SHE WILL NOT FALL | PSALM 46:5 FOLLOW OUR TIGRESS PACK

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    our stylists love to remove the outside world and replace it with an experience that renews. ema Owner, Stylist, Coach Book Now Ema ashlyn Level 4 | Lead Stylist Book Now Ashlyn Jo Level 2 | Stylist Book Now Kylie brittany Level 1 | Stylist Book Now Brittany Kimi Social Media Manager Book Now Lise Join The Tigress Newsletter Join the pack! Thanks for joining! Welcome to our pack! FOLLOW OUR TIGRESS PACK

  • Careers | Ema Rose Hair

    INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR TEAM? FILL OUT OUR CONTACT FORM BELOW Send Thanks for your interest! We'll be in touch soon. what it's like to be a part of the team: "Being a part of the Ema Rose Hair team is really unlike anywhere I've ever worked before. We like to do things different by offering neck and shoulder massages at the beginning of your service to offering food and beverages so you can enjoy every minute of your experience. We are a group of strong, educated, women that want to help and encourage each other not only in the salon, but also at life." - Ashlyn Ema provides education every month. We hold team meetings, and have education on how to live out your career. We focus on ways to help you learn to specialize in what YOU want to specialize in. We are laughing in the back, and giving massages to our guests. Our dream is for you to have a safe environment to call your salon home. We work with direct deposits to get your check to you, with a program that helps you budget for your next vacay. We provide front end care, and students that can help you if you're busy. Our hours are structured so that you dont feel overworked, and can go home to your kids at the end of the night with plenty of time for dinner. Our mentality is love and nourishment, for you and for the guests within the salon. Our team consists of those that are hard working, humble, and ready to grow.

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